Ok, but what is it?

It's our cult.

No discount or offers

It's not a "royalty program" and you get $0 out of it, it's a cult built to create meanings instead of letting clutter take over.

Meaningful content

Things made to help us change because there's too much clutter and too little intentional living.

You contribute

It's a cult what else did you expect? You give. Not money but time, time to bring meanings to your life and others.

Access to creations

Creations are everything we create, and sometimes they aren't what you expect them to be.

No subscription fee

But if you don’t wanna make a change and contribute, you get kicked out. It's a cult, not Netflix.

Real connections

No emails, No numbers, No names. Mails between us and you, no middle person.

The process?

It's a commitment, not a subscription or an account.






Make sure you're committed

Get mailed (when it's launched)

The journey begins

Declutter your mind and life with meanings

Help others

THE CIRCLE is launching soon

We’ll use this email to track you down, spam you and find a way to stop you from unsubscribing. Or maybe we'll just use it to notify you when this is up.

You'll regret this, because this got you one step closer to our cult and like other cults the closer you get the more dangerous it becomes. Sketchy stuff.
This is awkward. It's not your problem and not ours either, it's John's. "Who's John?" you ask, the truth is we don't know which is why this is awkward.