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High Fashion.
Low Impact.
No Plastic.
All Vegan.

A Revolution Is Happening

Our Mission

Sculpting the future of meaningful fashion that protects people, planet and animals.

Meanings Not Trends


Crafting Products With Plastic-Free Vegan Leather

MIRUM® is a cruelty-free plant leather made from 100% natural inputs without any use of plastic. By using MIRUM®, we’re making the highest-quality products with the lowest impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

A piece of MIRUM, a plastic-free vegan leather that competes with animal leather as well as plastic leather in quality
Gender Equality

Not Categorizing by Gender

We have no gender categorizing in our site

There’s no need to put gender labels in a modern society. People can choose for themselves.

A profile picture of Maria D, our product craftswoman
Ethical Manufacturing

Each SEGAN Product is an Authentic Creation

The only way to be truly ethical is to present those people behind the scenes to build connection between you and the artisans. Every Segan product comes with a signature.

The signature plate which is installed on the back of every product to connects the person who made the product to the customer who owns it

Supporting those on the frontlines of the movement

We believe that activism moves human race forward, and no matter how good a brand is, there is always a need for improvement. We support and contribute to the activism community on the frontlines of the movements that we support: preserving nature, ethical manufacturing and protecting wildlife.

PETA protestors in USA

PETA-Approved Products

We are proud to provide only PETA-Approved vegan products.
PETA is an international non-profit charitable organization that's dedicated to establishing and defending the rights of all animals while operating under the principle that animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Forest man of India has created a huge forest by himself with basic local tools
Fashion Revolution protestors in London, UK
PETA protestors in USA
Our box design which shows 8 tree symbols for the 8 trees we plant for each product

Building Back Our Home

Planting trees is proven to be one of the best ways to combat climate change.
That is why we plant 8 trees for every SEGAN product sold. Because actions speak louder than words.

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The Team

Diverse Group With An Identical Purpose

Our diverse team allows us to hear different perspectives, find unique solutions, and challenge status quo in a sustainable, environmentally-conscious way.

Moloud is the product designer at SEAGN Antoine is the Content Director at SEAGN Mahdi is the founder and Design Director at SEAGN Corinna is the Graphic designer at SEAGN Alma is the Photographer and Copywriter at SEAGN Emily is the Marketing Director at SEAGN Saeed is the Operations Director at SEAGN
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Changing The Future of Fashion

SEGAN pioneers the global fashion movement towards a better, more sustainable future. Join and plant a tree.

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