Segan is a riff on today's fashion culture

Named after the great designer.
Who doesn’t exist

Simple complexity

Two types in each product category with different stories
‍Not a 100000000 products changing each season

Product category of Segan. We have only two types in each category (T and S)

The story amongst all the trends

Each product is designed around a story, instead of being another trend to follow

Segan Story-based product amongst all the trends

We’re not sustainable

No brand can be, since there's no finish line, it's just become a buzz word.
Our focus is on circularity and how we can keep materials and resources in our ecosystem instead of going back to nature to get more raw materials.
We use materials like MIRUM®, upcycled metal and recycled cardboard.


in Milan

in Paris

in London

in Tokyo

in New York

in Vancouver

on Earth

Confession time

Even though we have these certifications, the truth is they’re expensiiiive. Admin and annual fees plus all the “assessment” costs can break anyone’s back especially ours (we got a thin back). For us the real certification comes from our audience and our transparency with them.

Short & monitored

We don’t confuse our friends and family to read a 20-page policy to show where we make our products so no reason to do it publicly.  Quality is very important but nothing is above human lives so we make each action assuming it’ll be underneath the search bar of Google.

Supply chain of Segan

Follow meanings
Ignore trends

Because the opposite never works

Updates not spams

No discounts or limited-offer emails, just big updates only when we have any.

Check your inbox or don’t.
This is awkward. It's not your problem and not ours either, it's John's. "Who's John?" you ask, the truth is we don't know, which is why this is awkward.
Or maybe check if your email is right.