Proud to be the least unsustainable

Being "sustainable" means giving back to nature instead of taking something away from it, and no brand can claim that.

Instead,  we use the word "circular",  because after we take from nature, we do circular fashion instead of coming back for more.

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Few companies in the world are pushing the boundaries towards a zero-waste future by unlocking nature's potential.

Natural Inputs

Turning abundant materials into luxury

Plants and agricultural byproducts are the only viable resources on our planet today that can replace plastic on a global scale while sustaining ethical values.

Rice Hulls

The newest and most exciting entrant to the field of plant-based leather is MIRUM®.

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Natural Rubber
Natural Rubber

A piece of nature that holds more power than synthetic alternatives

Natural rubber is an elastic substance found in the inner layer of tree bark. It is obtained predominantly from rubber trees in tropical and subtropical areas.


[MIRUM®] could fundamentally change not just the fashion industry, but also the future of car interiors.

Porsche AG
Natural Pigments

No Chemicals. Just the Power of Nature.

Natural pigments used in MIRUM® are sustainably extracted from natural resources such as plants and minerals.

Natural Colorants Bottle

So far, one company [Natural Fiber Welding] has shown the most potential for scaling, and that’s the unlikely player in Peoria. Its secret ingredient: agricultural waste.

Ground MIRUM ready to be recycled

Yea, it can be 100% recycled

Every MIRUM® piece can be recycled completely to new quality MIRUM® making it truly circular.


We aren’t trying to create a vegan thing for the sake of veganism, we’re creating this because it’s the most scalable technology humanity can access

Luke Haverhals, NFW’s CEO
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The feel of nature

MIRUM® is a high-performance plant-based leather produced with 100% natural inputs, no plastic, and no harm to our planet.

No PU or PVC finish.

Tannery and Leather Pollution

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.

Tanneries dump 88,000,000 tons of toxic waste into water sources every year. We can't wait for tanneries to change.
We can change this by our decisions.


Demand Sustainability

No Plastic. No Animal Cruelty.