Designed around meanings

SEGAN bag made with 100% plastic-free vegan leather called MIRUM
Adriana M
Carry S Craftswoman


21 years


Oct 3

The signature of Adriana M, our craftswoman
Victor T
Carry S Craftsman


19 years


Sep 8th

The signature of Victor T, our craftsman
11 cm
All made with 100% plastic-free vegan leather
called MIRUM

Not-making-you-buy-another-one-in-a-month quality

We've worked with designers and skilled specialists to create elegant and long-lasting pieces.
From the structure to intense points for each piece.

Plate showing the artisan behind your piece

Every artisan handcrafts each piece and attach their plate on them.
18 cm
SEGAN products are PETA-approved vegan

Crafted with care

That means 99% of Carry S is 100% plastic-free and vegan.
100% of it is recyclable - actually recyclable not like our blue bin recycling.
Oh and that 1% is thread.

No Trends

No Plastic

No Greenwashing

Always vegan

We're inventing a better fashion world

Because you deserve better

Because our planet demands better

Carry S

Giving a sh*t

Each Carry S plants 8

Midnight & Gold
Pearl & Gold
Midnight & Silver
Sand & Silver
No right-away purchase

A symbol, not a product

Carry S is not for everyone, but only for those who care and take actions. If you're that person, we'd love to get to know you!


We always have Carry S available but they never can be bought right away

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