Small Steps. Big Impact.

You can become part of the solution by making meaningful and simple actions for a sustainable future.

A person planting trees in Peru
Pucallpa, Peru 2011
A field of grown trees by One Tree Planted
Pucallpa, Peru 2020

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Together, we’ve planted


Every 60 Seconds

That’s how often a forest area the size of 27 football fields is destroyed by humans, demonstrating the devastating impact of today's extreme deforestation.

A huge empty field in the middle of the jungle which shows the trees cut by the oil industry
Deforestation for palm oil plantations
A group of people organized by OneTreePlanted to plant trees in Mexico
Mexico, 2017

One Product. Eight Trees.

We are making a big impact through reforestation by planting 8 trees for every SEGAN product.

A truck carrying tree samplings - photo taken by OneTreePlanted
Canada, 2018

Reforestation is one of the best ways to support restoration after an ecological disturbance, and the trees we'll plant will have a lasting benefit for local habitats and communities

Diana Chaplin, OneTreePlanted’s Canopy Director
A person planting trees in Africa
Rwanda, 2019
A group of people planting trees in Peru
Peru, 2019

Global Forest Watch

With every eight trees planted, you are making a meaningful impact on our planet and it’s inhabitants. This interactive map will allow you to explore the tree cover loss and forest change over time since 2001.

Why Trees?

Roots of Survival

Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, act as an ingredient in over 25% of all medicines and provide a home to over 80% of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity.

Without trees, life on Earth could not exist.

Field showing burnt-tree area in BC, Canada
BC, Canada, 2017 - 240,000 hectares burnt

These Six pillars Are Critical to All Life on Earth.

A picture showing the blue clear sky
A picture showing pure water with hand reaching over it
A Shot of a white wolf in the wilderness
A picture showing the the outdoors
A picture showing the blue clear sky
Social Impact

We have partnered with NFW to eliminate the use of
plastic and animal hide in all SEGAN products.

Plastic-Free Future

Not Compromising Nature For Luxury

Plastic pollution represents one of the biggest threats to our people and planet.
Synthetic products made fully or partially from plastic are causing the
extinction of millions of species on Earth and harming human health.

Truly Vegan

Not Compromising Lives For Fashion

Textile factories and tanneries are the biggest polluters in the world after petroleum industry.
The vast majority of textile factories discharge untreated toxic wastes directly into
rivers, killing people, animals and planet with lead, mercury and arsenic.

Fes, Morocco

Demand Change

No Plastic. No Animal Cruelty.